CBSE Corner

Name of the school with its complete address/ Location with pincode
(Strictly as per Affiliation Letter)
(i) Email
(ii) Phone. No. 9255495032
(iii) Mobile No. 9255495032
(iv) Fax No. N/A
(v) Location in Longitudes and latitudes as per GIS Latitude- 28;871693
Longitudes- 76;905098
(vi) Distance from nearest Nationalized bank 1km
(vii) Distance from Railway station 18km
(viii) Distance from Police station 2km
(ix) Distance from Hospital 2km
2. Whether NOC from the state / UT or Recommendation of the Embassy of India Obtained
(i) NOC year  2001
(ii) Issuing Authority  Director Secondary Education, Chandigarh,Haryana Govt.
(iii) Whether the school is recognized , if yes , mention the issuing Authority  C.B.S.E No. 530375
3 Year of Establishment – 2001
4 Year of First Affiliation with CBSE- 2002
(i) Affiliation No. C.B.S.E No. 530375
(ii) Year till which the affiliation has been granted / extended- 2018
5 Status of Affiliation.- PROVISIONAL
Management Details
1 Name of the Society registered  SHREE OM SHIKSHA EVAM KALYAN SAMITI Reg.
2 Society Registration No.-
22nd June , 2000
3 Name of members of school Managing Committee with their address / tenure and post held.
Name Designation Address Tenure Occupation
Sh. Rajeev Garg Chairman Delhi Advocate
Sh. Parveen Kumar Manager Delhi Advocate
Sh. S.K. Chadhha Member Jaipur EX- Dy.G.M (P.S.U.)
Dr. M.P. Gupta Member Delhi Retd. Principal
Dr. Mohit Garg Member Delhi Doctor
Sh. R.K. Sharma Member Delhi Retd. Principal
Sh. S.N. Gupta Member Delhi Ex- Account
Adviser CAG
Sh. O.P. Bareja Member Kharkhauda Businessman
Dr. Ramesh Kr. Batra Member Kharkhauda Doctor
Dr. Anurag Arora Member Kharkhauda M.D., Amar Hospital
Smt. Madhu Gupta Member Delhi P.G.T., NCT.Delhi
Sh. Ishwar Lal Member Delhi Retd. Lecturer,
Sh. H.G. Sapra Member Noida Retd. Principal
Sh. Ashok Kumar Kansal Member Delhi Businessman
Smt. Rajnir Parent Member Kharkhauda
Sh. D.K. Aggarwal Parent Member Kharkhauda
Mrs. Shri Ram Murti Teacher Member Sonepat Teacher. A.P.GARG PUBLIC SCHOOL
Smt. Savita Gupta Teacher Member Sonepat Teacher. A.P.GARG PUBLIC SCHOOL
Smt. C.B.S.E. Nominee Delhi EX-Dy.Ed. Officer
Smt. C.B.S.E. Nominee Delhi Principal KVS
Mrs. Alka Garg Ex-officio Prin. Member Delhi Principal. A.P.GARG PUBLIC SCHOOL
4 Name and official address of the Manager/President/Chairman/Correspondent
(i) Name Mr. Parveen Kumar
(ii) Address Manager, CH. No. 700, Western Wing Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi-110054
(iii) Email
(iv) Phone No. 9255495032
(v) Mobile No. 9255495032
(vi) Fax. No. N/A
5 Uploaded copy of the Non propriety Charater Affidavit – Attachednon-pro
Infrastructure Details
1 Area of the school Campus
(i) In Acres 2.5Acres
(ii) In sq. mtrs. 10118 sq.mtrs.
(iii) Area of playground 8000 sq.mtrs.
(iv) Built up Area 2118 sq.mtrs.
(v) No. of Building Blocks in the school campus including hostel Block if applicable 2 Block
(vi) Details about any other branch of the same school near by to the school. N/A
(vii) Whether the School campus area is on a single plot of land or is running at 02 or multiple sites 1 site/ single Plot
(viii) Disclaimer: whether the school is running any other State Board school/ Coaching classes in the same campus , if yes give details No.
(ix) Whether the school is an Examination Centre/ City Coordinator for the CBSE examinations. No.
2 Facilities available in the school
(i) Sports Facilities Yes
(ii) Swimming Pool No
(iii) Indoor Games Yes
(iv) Dance and Music Facilities Yes
(v) Auditorium Yes
(vi) Gymnasium Yes
(vii) Canteen Facility No
(viii) Hostels Mess Facilities No
(ix) Medical and Health dispensary Yes
(x) Teaching Methodology Yes
3 Facilities available in the school
(i) No. of Classrooms and size Small – 07, Medium- 34, Large-9
(ii) No. of Smart classes One
(iii) No. Of library & No. Books – No. of Library -1 , No. Of books- a) For Students – 16205 Books b) For Teachers – 1145 Books Yes
(iv) Details of the Science Laboratories Physics, Chemistry, Biology
(v) Details of Computer Labs with no. Computers in the lab. Yes – 18 Computers
(vi) Mathematics Lab Yes
(vii) Geography Lab Yes
(viii) Home Science Yes
(ix) Biotechnology Lab No
(x) Labs related vocational Subjects No
(xi) Information regarding internet facilities a.) Wifi details with speed details in MBPS – Connect Lease line wifi – 1 MBPS Per Second speed b.) Broadband Connection details with speed details in MBPS – No
(xii) Toilet facilities a) Boys-08 b) Girls-08 c) Staff-2
(xiii) Drinking water Facilities a) RO – Yes b) Water Taps – Yes
(xiv) Barrier free access for the physically challenged students Yes
(xv) Provision of lifts in the school in case of multi storeyed Building N/A
(xvi) Play & Sports Facilities Yes
(xvii) Staff room details for Teachers 1
(xviii) Web based learning programmers / Facilities for MOOCs ( Details) No
6 Details of the fee structure with complete bifurcation of monthly Fee, admission fee, Development Charges and building fund etc.
Sr.No Grade Admission Fee Devlopment fund Tuition Fee
1 L.K.G. 500 2500 1700
2 U.K.G. 500 2500 1750
3 I 500 2500 1830
4 II 500 2500 1890
5 III 500 2500 1940
6 IV 500 2500 1990
7 V 500 2500 2030
8 VI 500 2500 2100
9 VII 500 2500 2150
10 VIII 500 2500 2200
11 IX 500 2500 2250
12 X 500 2500 2350
13 XI SCIENCE 500 2500 2750
14 XI COMMERCE 500 2500 2650
15 XI ARTS 500 2500 2600
16 XII SCIENCE 500 2500 2850
17 XII COMMERCE 500 2500 2700
18 XII ARTS 500 2500 2650
7 Safety Measures available in the School ( Facilities)
(i) Facilities
a.) Fire Extinguisher
b.) Sprinkles
c.) Fire Alarms
(ii) Issuing date , Validity & Authority of Fire Safety certificate no 221/F.S.O. Authority- Haryana Government  Refilling Date -28th January 2019
(iii) Issuing date , Validity & Authority of Health & Sanitation certificate Issuing Date 07/01/2019 Authority Medical Officer, CHC KHARKHAUDA Validity LIFETIME  —
(iv) Issuing date , Validity & Authority of Public Health Engineering Department & water certificate Issuing Date 10/01/2019 Authority Sub Divisional Engineer, PWE KHARKHAUDA Validity LIFETIME  —
(iv) Transport Facilities Transport Safety Certificate – No. of Owned School Buses ( Big & Small) – No. Hired Buses- No. Vans/ Mini Buses / Matadors – No. of Vehicles available for staff( if any)- Private Cars for Principal / Vice Principal/ Chairman & Staff – Staff/ Transport Coordinator Details for Boarding and De-Boarding of the school children – Number of Drivers- YES
2 Mini Buses ( 4 Wheels)
1 Big ( 6 Wheels)
No Car Mr. MANISH 3
8 Number of Teaching Staff and Non- Teaching Staff( to be updated every Session) a) PGT – 09
b) TGT- 07
c) PRT-09
d) NTT-0
Name Designation Date of Birth Date of appointment Trained/ Untrained
1 ALKA GARG Principal 20-04-1975 01-07-2004 Trained
2 SAVITA GUPTA P.G.T. 05-06-1976 01-01-2010 Trained
3 P.G.T. Trained
4 KIRAN VERMA P.G.T. 01-09-1974 01-09-2018 Trained
5 RAKESH KUMAR P.G.T. 10-10-1981 01-01-2019 Trained
6 AAKRITI P.R.T. 24-05-1996 01-04-2018 Trained
7 ANITA T.G.T. 05-03-1984 01-09-2018 Trained
8 SAVITA T.G.T. 23-04-1989 16-01-2019 Trained
9 SAMIKSHA P.R.T. 16-01-1998 01-12-2018 Trained
10 ANJU DEVI P.G.T. 24-08-1972 18-02-2019 Trained
11 Trained
12 Trained
13 MANJU RANI P.G.T. 04-09-1987 09-04-2018 Trained
14 Trained
15 VIJAY KUMARI P.G.T. 20-06-1989 01-04-2017 Trained
16 VANDANA GUPTA T.G.T. 30-08-1976 01-01-2013 Trained
17 SAVITA KUMARI T.G.T. 10-01-1982 22-04-2016 Trained
18 Trained
19 POOJA RANI P.G.T. 08-10-1986 02-07-2018 Trained
20 SAKSHI JOHAR PRT 07-10-1992 01-09-2017 Trained
21 PARVIN T.G.T. 10-03-1990 01-11-2014 Trained
22 Trained
23 RAM MURTI DEVI PRT 15-08-1979 01-10-2015 Trained
24 PRIYANKA PRT 07-06-1982 02-07-2018 Trained
25 ROSHAN LAL SIWAN P.G.T. 31-03-1979 02-04-2018 Trained
26 RAKESH KUMAR PRT 08-11-1986 18-04-2019 Trained
27 SAVINA RANI T.G.T. 17-07-1979 02-07-2018 Trained
28 ASHA DEVI PRT 23-03-1983 15-04-2019 Trained
29 SUMAN KALA PRT 09-09-1966 01-05-2017 Trained
30 POONAM PRT 10-08-1983 15-04-2019 Trained
31 MUKESH KUMAR Lib 03-06-1978 17-07-2017 Trained
32 SANJAY GUPTA Lab. Asstt. O1-01-2010 Trained
33 SUSHILA Lab. Asstt. Trained
34 SALONI GARG Office Asstt. Trained
35 CHANCHAL Office Asstt. Trained
36 AJAY Peon Trained
37 ANIL KUMAR Peon Trained
40 JAI BHAGWAN Sweeper Trained
9 Details of Non Teaching Staff ( To Be updated every session)
a) Administrative Staff No. – 1
b) Accounting Staff No. – 2
c) Lab. Asstt. – 2
d) House Keeping No. – 2
e) Canteen Staff / Cook No. 0
f) Drivers No.1 , Conductor No.1
g) Aaya / Day Boarding Care takers No. 1 Details of the salary being Paid by the school to its teaching and non teaching staff (to be updated each session)
10 Mode of payment of salary :
(i) Name of the bank ORIENTAL BANK OF COMMERCE
(ii) Mode of transfer of Pay ( to be seeded with Aadhar Card) ECS
(iii) ECS YES
(iv) Cash No
11 Other Vital Information Section wise Enrolment of the students in each class per session
Class Section No. of Students
L.K.G. 2 43
U.K.G. 2 43
I 2 31
II 2 48
III 2 60
IV 2 52
V 2 44
VI 2 42
VII 2 37
VIII 2 42
IX 2 47
X 2 41
XI 4 38
XII 4 35
12. Courses / Disciplines offered at Sr. Secondary level. N/A
13. Vocational Courses available in the school No
14. Industries attached to vocational Courses , If any. No
15. Board Examination Results for 10th and 12th std. for last three years N/A
16. Franchisee or Non-Franchise Status N/A
17. Name of the wellness teacher & CCE Coordinator Wellness teacher- Dr. Neelima
CCE Coordinator- Mrs Kiran Verma
18. Name of the Grievance / Complaint Redressal Officer with E-mail, Ph.No. and Fax No.
19. Details of Members of Sexual Harassment Committee-
20 Details of the Contact person in case of Emergency is Mobile No:- Parveen Kumar (9868510739), Phone No. and Fax no.
21 Details/ Calendar of the Sports Activities , Co-Curricular Activities / Cultural Events /Workshops/ orientation programmers to be organized for Students throughout the Academic session. Display of the results of these activities
23 Period Of Academic Session 1st April to 31st March
24 Vacation Period (Summer) 1st JUNE to 1st JULY
25 Vacation Period (Winter) 1st Jan to 15th Jan
26 Admission Details
Admission period. April to 31st March
Admission requirements Transfer Certificate, Photocopy DOB and UID, Passport Size 2 Photos
Display of Admission Result 25th March
27 05 minutes virtual videography showing complete panaromic view of the campus, showing details of Classrooms, Labs, Library, Playground and other facilities
28 Photography for Sports, Co-curricular activities, Events and workshops etc.-
29 Details of Workshops and Training programmers for teachers
Workshops For Teachers:- CCE, Classroom Management Training Programmers for Teachers:-
How to teach Kindergarten students, Punjabi Language & English Speaking and Personality development by Mr. M.P. Gupta, S.C. Anand & L.N. Baweja